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Omji claimed the girl student had met Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Delhi and it was at their behest that a zero FIR was lodged against Chinmayanand. He and the two others were also present inside the car in which the girl had made her video recording, narrating her ordeal.The law student had on Saturday given a pen drive containing 43 videos to the SIT to support her allegations after the sleuths asked her to submit whatever evidence she had against the former Union minister.The girls father, meanwhile, termed the leakage of the video footage given to the SIT by his daughter as a "conspiracy" and said he would request the Supreme Court to order a probe into it."If any China custom steel castings false case is registered against Chinamayanand, then crores of Hindus will hit the streets throughout the country and rise in rebellion," said Omji, who was also a contestant in reality TV show Bigg Boss."From where have the screenshots and videos come to the social media? The screenshots have been posted even on various social media platforms.The apex court-appointed special investigation team (SIT) called them to the Police Lines in Shahjahanpur and recorded their statements, official sources said.

The survivors friends who were examined included the one who was with her when she was located in Rajasthan after having gone missing from Shahjahanpur late last month.The SIT also examined the principals of girls alma mater — a law college and a post-graduate college — both located on the campus of Mumukshu Ashram of former Union minister Chinmayanand.The special investigation team had quizzed the students mother on Saturday, they said.A beleaguered Chinmayanand, meanwhile, got support from self-styled godman Swami Omji who threatened with rebellion by Hindu society if a case is registered against the BJP leader.The SIT also examined two other college employees, who had been summoned on Saturday but had failed to turn up for recording of their statements.He said he would inform the Supreme Court about it and seek a probe in the entire matter.

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