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The officer expressed his displeasure over the media trial of the case and said that they would move to Press Council of India (PCI)."We are calling all the people concerned to record their statements.The SIT is yet to arrest Chinmayanand almost two weeks after the woman had accused him of rape.The SIT was formed on the directions of the Supreme Court in the first week of September to investigate the case.Arora also said the SIT would submit a status report of the case in Allahabad High Court on September 23.Shahjahanpur: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the Swami Chinmayanand case said on Wednesday that an arrest in the case would only be made on ground of ‘solid evidence’, reported Hindustan Times. We are seeking help from our forensic and legal experts in the matter," Arora was quoted by Hindustan Times."

The matter is being investigated and any arrest will only be made on the ground of solid evidence," said Inspector General (IG) of Police Naveen Arora, who is heading the SIT in the case, while speaking to media persons in Shahjahanpur. "We are closely looking at various aspects of the case.The 12-member SIT team is putting up in Shahajahnpur since September 7. We are trying to collate all the evidence, including documentary ones. We are investigating the matter from every angle to ensure there are no shortcomings on our part," he added. China Wholesale Custom-made filter housing Factory "I will request the public to be patient; give us time; have faith in us and not conduct media trial as it might give one side to strengthen their case," said Arora. "The SIT is only answerable to the court, not media," said the officer.. The woman had also lodged a zero FIR (one that can be filed in any police station regardless of the place of incidence or jurisdiction) in New Delhi.The SIT chief also urged the public to remain patient.

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